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Saturday Spankings - The belt - a sensuous ememy

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. In this snippet from my second book, Cassie’s Tale, Cassie went on a drinking spree while Tom was out of town. Over drinking and a few sleeping pills, caused her to frighten Sue, who spilled the whole thing to Tom. In addition to a sound spanking Tom put restrictions on her life which finally caused a blow up from Cassie and further consequences.


Sitting there on the bed waiting for Tom, I began to feel worse and worse, and the tears had begun before Tom came into the room.

“What is it, girl?” he asked when he saw my tears. I believe Tom knew me better than I knew myself in some ways. He knew at once these tears and the emotions behind them had nothing to do with the fact I was about to be spanked. 

He sat on the bed and put his arms around me. “Tell me” he said quietly.

I blurted out most of what I had running through my mind, my sorrow – my sincere sorrow for taking the pills and all that had transpired that night. 

“Cassie, we’re done with that – I think I’ve spanked you more than enough since then for you to let it go.”

“But it’s not over,” I wailed. “You’re still mad at me. You still don’t trust me.”

“I’m not mad and I do trust you – but yes, I still worry.” He hugged me tightly against him. “Honey, do you think we still have more to take care of before you feel right?”

I slowly nodded into his chest. I guess that’s as close as I could come to asking.

“All right then,” he said quietly. He stood and helped me up, too. I momentarily panicked. What had I done?

“Wait, Tom, I’ll be okay, really, I…”

“Hush girl. You’re not in charge. I am.”

Tom began unbuckling his belt. He seemed to be doing it slowly, or else whenever he touched his belt the world just seems to go into slow motion for me. A small shudder ran through me as he pulled it through the loops. I don’t hate Tom’s belt; my feelings about it are very complicated. As an implement for punishment, it can be frightening, yet at other times it’s sensual and there are times it can be both.

Using only his eyes, Tom indicated for me to lie across the bed. I did as he directed. The ivory brush makes me want to fight or flee but seeing the belt double in his hand turns me into a true submissive for the duration. Tom flipped up my skirt, and I caught my breath as he slowly pulled my panties down and out of his way. 

My eyes squeezed tightly closed as Tom ran his hand over my exposed bottom. “Open your eyes,” he directed me.

I did, only to see the belt lying there beside me. It seemed like a living thing. Placing his left hand on the small of my back, Tom began warming me up with his hand. Over and over he spanked while my gaze never left the belt. Only when he reached for it did my eyes close of their own accord.

There is nothing to compare with the first crack of the belt, perfectly aimed across my sit spot. Tom wasn’t giving me much time to process, and each lick fell fast and steady. I rarely cry when he uses the belt, but I heard myself sobbing. Tom did, too, and though the belt continued to fall, each lick fell slower, more deliberate. 

“You know my rules.” He finally spoke. “Overdrink, taking pills–any pills – I won’t tolerate it. You terrified Sue. She loves you nearly as much as I do. This won’t happen again.”

“No, no, Tom. It won’t,” I sobbed. The belt stopped, but my sobs didn’t. Tom helped me up on the bed and lay beside me and held me as I cried it out. I eventually cried myself to sleep, but when I woke Tom was still holding me.

It had worked. I could breathe easily. My heart seemed to inflate once again. I didn’t want to go out for dinner. Tom ordered room service and I curled up on the sofa in my robe as Tom sat on the floor in front of me, feeding me my dinner. I have never felt so relaxed, so connected, so loved.

Cassie continues to live life to the fullest, from wheeling around in her new sports car to mastering the art of riding a motor scooter with no hands, she manages to keep Tom on his toes. The fly in the ointment is that Tom’s firm wants him back for a project and Cassie wants him all to herself.  When Tom takes the job, Cassie is left lonely and bored – never a good combination for her.

 Left to her own devices Cassie makes some poor decisions, frightening Sue and causing Tom to lower the boom. Tom's new schedule for Cassie, including her getting a job, leaves her little time to get herself in trouble – yet she still manages.

Cassie’s Space series


These ten books introduce Cassie. She is my friend and has been since she wandered into my imagination fifty-four years ago. She is married to Tom, the man who loves her in a way that makes my heart nearly burst with happiness for the two of them. He loves her, guides her, protects her and when necessary, spanks the fool out of her. I’ve been told that their adventures are exciting, funny and realistic. Their love-life is passionate and fulfilling – but you’ll hear no graphic details, Cassie is a lady and giving too much detail would not be proper.

Cal’s Law series


Cal and Jenny are one of my younger couple. The spanking in their relationship began mere minutes after they met, and Cal hasn’t let up much since. There relationship has it’s struggles, but these two are meant to be together. They live in the same town as Cassie and Tom and there is a lot of interactions among the character of both series. Jenny is not as reluctant as Cassie to openly discuss her sex life, so you’ll find a little more spice in this series.


On the River series


In this, my latest series, everyone is around – all the characters I’ve grown to love over the years are living on the area of the river that they call The Landing. Their lives, their adventures, even their spankings sometimes intertwine. By this time in the series, I’m just typing as my characters tell me what’s happening. And I love it!

These books do take you through time as it passes, but please don’t think you have to read them in order. Start anywhere. Just grab one and give it a try. If you are a spanking enthusiast, I know you'll enjoy it.


I’ll close today with a review on the latest book. This is one of the finest reviews I’ve ever had. 


Starting with the first Cassie book until now, I have never been disappointed or failed to wait expectantly for the next one.

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  1. I love this PK, good on Cassie and Tom knows her so well. Love the ending, very sweet loving. Tom sure is good with after care.


    1. I love that Tom knows her so well and cares for her so much.

  2. "whenever he touched his belt the world just seems to go into slow motion for me." What a beautiful line!
    You know, I'm a huge sucker for the belt stories, so, thank you!!
    Almost all my spanking stories mention belt one way or another. Haha!

  3. I love this scene. Not only for Tom's perception, but his tenderness. Like Roz said, Tom knows her so well and goes out of his way to make sure she is well taken care of. Perfect snippet, Cassie.