Saturday, April 22, 2023

Saturday Spankings - What to pack, what to pack

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I’m moving on to book three, Cassie on the Move. Tom has just brought Cassie a new house on the river and he has made plans to take Cassie on a trip while it's being renovated. She’s thrilled – until she sees him packing the ivory brush. 



Early the next week Tom told me some wonderful plans he’d made. He’d rented a house in the Florida Keys for a pre-holiday vacation. He’d already contacted Steve and Andy and they and the girls would be joining us later in the week. The news made it feel like Christmas already and I happily began packing.

I was less than happy later that day as I saw Tom packing the ivory brush. That darn brush has traveled the world with us despite the fact that I hate the stinging, wicked thing. It rarely makes an actual appearance on vacations, but it’s always in the back of my mind that it’s with us. I’m sure that’s Tom’s plan.

Tom had gone to his study for a bit and I stood looking into his suitcase. Picking up the brush, I wondered, what would be the harm if it accidently got left behind? Of course, Tom’s timing has always been against me, and he came back to the bedroom as I was holding the brush.

“What are you doing?”

I nearly jumped a foot when Tom spoke right behind my back.

I figured going into attack mode was my best bet. “Tom! Don’t sneak up on me like that. What is the matter with you?” It didn’t work though. He pressed on.

“Cassie Jane, I want to know what you were doing. You keep your hands off that brush. Were you taking it out of my bag?”

I continued in attack mode, “I wasn’t taking anything out of your old suitcase, but why shouldn’t I take the brush out? After all, it’s my brush. It was your wedding gift to me, wasn’t it? Maybe you should ask me before you take it from the dresser.”

I don’t think he was taking me very seriously, since he pulled me over his lap as I fussed. He gave me two scorching swats with the brush before tossing it back into his bag and warmed me a bit more with his hand.

“I’ll tell you what gives me the right – I’m your husband.” I found that answer extremely unsatisfying, but he was helping me up and I felt it in my best interest to keep my mouth shut for the most part.

I gave him a scowl as I rubbed away the sting. “I didn’t do anything wrong, you know. Are you going to be this picky on our whole vacation?” I asked.

“Probably,” he answered, grinning and giving me a quick kiss. “Now don’t you touch that brush or my suitcase. Understand?”

Of course, I understood. I’m not an idiot. Actually, I consider myself a well-behaved wife. When I carefully reached in and removed all his underwear, I didn’t touch the brush or his suitcase. I felt our trip was about to be off to a wonderful start.

Cassie’s Space series

Cassie’s on the move and loving life. Through paint ball game in the woods and water park adventure she’s gets to know her new neighbors as the new house is renovated. 

Cassie is traveling too, from trips with just the girls, to conventions, vacations, and cruises with Tom and friends, she's always ready for the next adventure. But when Cassie begins having dizzy spells Tom thinks a slower pace is in order. Getting Cassie to slow down and take care of herself proves to be quite a challenge. A challenge Tom is more than determined to take on.


These ten books introduce Cassie. She is my friend and has been since she wandered into my imagination fifty-four years ago. She is married to Tom, the man who loves her in a way that makes my heart nearly burst with happiness for the two of them. He loves her, guides her, protects her and when necessary, spanks the fool out of her. I’ve been told that their adventures are exciting, funny and realistic. Their love-life is passionate and fulfilling – but you’ll hear no graphic details, Cassie is a lady and giving too much detail would not be proper.

Cal’s Law series


Cal and Jenny are one of my younger couple. The spanking in their relationship began mere minutes after they met, and Cal hasn’t let up much since. There relationship has it’s struggles, but these two are meant to be together. They live in the same town as Cassie and Tom and there is a lot of interactions among the character of both series. Jenny is not as reluctant as Cassie to openly discuss her sex life, so you’ll find a little more spice in this series.


On the River series


In this, my latest series, everyone is around – all the characters I’ve grown to love over the years are living on the area of the river that they call The Landing. Their lives, their adventures, even their spankings sometimes intertwine. By this time in the series, I’m just typing as my characters tell me what’s happening. And I love it!

These books do take you through time as it passes, but please don’t think you have to read them in order. Start anywhere. Just grab one and give it a try. If you are a spanking enthusiast, I know you'll enjoy it.


I’ll close today with a review on the latest book. This is one of the finest reviews I’ve ever had. 


Starting with the first Cassie book until now, I have never been disappointed or failed to wait expectantly for the next one.

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  1. LoL, I love this snippet. Cassie can be her own worst enemy sometimes. Removing Tom's underwear is bound to not be a good move lol


    1. All I can say is that she thought it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  2. I bet that ivory brush will make an appearance very soon. How does Tom react to non-verbal bratting?

    1. Cassie? Bratting? Surely you jest! But I give you three guesses how Tom would feel about it.

    2. Umm, you mean guess three implements? Ivory brush, belt, and,, i'm stuck on the third one. Slipper? Hand? what can be useful in the hotel room, a hanger, telephone cord?

  3. LOL-Cassie is wickedly bad, and I'm with both your commenters. She's basically insured she and that horrid brush are going to be close companions on this trip.

    1. Sometimes Cassie just can't control a fun impulse. And that makes me happy.