Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Spankings, February 8, 2014

What a wonderful Saturday! My thanks to Mistress Blake and Love Spanks, for allowing us to post longer snippets this week. The timing was perfect; Cassie’s Tale was released just this past Wednesday. It's another cold weekend - a great time to get in some reading. 
Today’s snippet follows an incident where Cassie, thought she would be quick to tell you she didn't do anything really wrong,  frightened Tom badly. Regardless, her activities and freedom had been severely curtailed since and she is rapidly coming to the end of her patience.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I needed to calm down and listen to Tom. I could tell he was nearly at the end of his patience, too. Yes, that might have been the best choice, but it wasn’t my choice.
I chose to throw my book across the room as hard as I could. “You made me look like a damn fool!” I shouted at Tom.
I knew even at the time it was a mistake, but it had just been such a horrible day and I had sat there seething for most of it.
Believe it or not Tom didn’t take well to my cursing and throwing things. He didn’t even sit down; he just tucked me under his arm and sailed into my rear. Tom doesn’t usually spank when he's really angry, but he doesn’t mind giving me a sample.
My bottom was stinging after only a few swats and, leading me to the bedroom door, he told me firmly, “I’ve had enough. Get up on that bed and don’t you move.” Tom needed time to calm down. Evidently completely calming down would take him quite a while.
He left me alone for a long time. Way too long, I thought. I had spent the day just being mad, but sitting there waiting on him, gave me the time to realize that a big part of my anger came from guilt.
Since the incident, when I’d scared him and Sue so badly, Tom had been on me like a duck on a June bug. I’ve lived with his over the top restriction and he seemed to be spanking for one thing or another ever since it happened, but things still weren’t resolved in my mind. I felt weighed down by guilt.
I can’t stand feeling guilty; it is absolutely the worse feeling for me. If Tom were to find out I had stolen a car and robbed a bank, the first thing I would probably say is, “Well it’s your fault, you wouldn’t give me my keys and I didn’t have any money!” Guilt was horrible. There was only one thing that cleared guilt from my mind. Sadly, I knew what would do it.
However, knowing what I needed didn’t mean I could ask for it. I never asked for any type of spanking except maybe a good girl. Even with the guilt I felt, I just couldn’t bring myself to ask him to take care of it.
Sitting there on the bed waiting for Tom, I began to feel worse and worse, and the tears had begun before Tom came into the room.
“What is it, girl?” he asked when he saw my tears. I believe Tom knew me better than I knew myself in some ways. He knew at once these tears and the emotions behind them had nothing to do with the fact I was about to be spanked.
He sat on the bed and put his arms around me. “Tell me,” he said quietly.
I blurted out most of what I had running through my mind, my sorrow – my sincere sorrow for all that had transpired that night.
“Cassie, we’re done with that – I think I’ve spanked you more than enough since then for you to let it go.”
“But it’s not over,” I wailed. “You’re still mad at me. You still don’t trust me.”
“I’m not mad and I do trust you – but yes, I still worry.” He hugged me tightly against him. “Honey, do you think we still have more to take care of before you feel right?”
I slowly nodded into his chest. I guess that’s as close as I could come to asking.
“All right then,” he said quietly. He stood and helped me up, too. I momentarily panicked. What had I done?
“Wait, Tom, I’ll be okay, really, I...”

“Hush girl. You’re not in charge. I am.”
Tom began unbuckling his belt. He seemed to be doing it slowly, or else whenever he touched his belt the world just seems to go into slow motion for me. A small shudder ran through me as he pulled it through the loops. I don’t hate Tom’s belt; my feeling about it are very complicated. As an implement for punishment, it can be frightening, yet at other times it’s sensual and there are times it can be both.
Using only his eyes, Tom indicated for me to lie across the bed. I did as he directed. The ivory brush makes me want to fight or flee, but seeing the belt double in his hand turns me into a true submissive for the duration. Tom flipped up my skirt, and I caught my breath as he slowly pulled my panties down and out of his way.
My eyes squeezed tightly closed as Tom ran his hand over my exposed bottom. “Open your eyes,” he directed me.
I did, only to see the belt lying there beside me. It seemed like a living thing. Placing his left hand on the small of my back, Tom began warming me up with his hand. Over and over he spanked while my gaze never left the belt. Only when he reached for it did my eyes close of their own accord.

You can read ‘the rest of the story’ in Cassie’s Tale. If you’d like to know more about Cassie and Tom, including how they met you can find that in Cassie’s Space. Both books can be found at Amazon, Barns and Noble …

Cassie continues to live life to the fullest, from wheeling around in her new sports car to mastering the art of riding a motor scooter with no hands, she manages to keep Tom on his toes. The fly in the ointment is that Tom’s firm wants him back for a project and Cassie wants him all to herself.  When Tom takes the job, Cassie is left lonely and bored – never a good combination for her.
 Left to her own devices Cassie makes some poor decisions, frightening Sue and causing Tom to lower the boom. Tom's new schedule for Cassie, including her getting a job, leaves her little time to get herself in trouble – yet she still manages.

Meet Cassie, a former wild child, who meets her match, and creates the match of a lifetime. To nearly all who know her now, Cassie is a vivacious, sweet southern lady, who is the epitome of grace and proper behavior. Look a tiny bit closer and you’ll see that Cassie has another side – the one whose language could make a sailor blush as she drinks him under the table.
 Thanks to her loving husband Tom, who even after thirty years of marriage, never hesitates to put Cassie over his knee when she strays too far from his view of ladylike behavior, few people other than close old friends know this side of Cassie exists.
 Cassie and Tom show that love and passion are not the sole property of the young. Love and passion grows and changes with age. While aging may bring on challenges – the love and passion between these two people only grows stronger.

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  1. PK,
    I'm 30% through Cassie's Tale, so I'm not reading any snippets.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. PK,

    Haven't started Cassie's Tale yet so not reading snippets.


    1. You can read it if you want to Ronnie, I didn't give any secrets away.

  3. It's on my Kindle, now I just have to make the time to read it.

    1. Leigh,
      When you figure out how to make time, please let me know.

  4. What an intriguing snippet! Very erotic, and very well-written!

    1. Thanks Sidney,
      Cassie and Tom are so real to me it's easy to write them.

  5. Enjoyed this longer snippet, PK! Tom is tender but oh so authoritative.

  6. Ooh - the belt! What a great scene...thanks, PK!

    1. Thanks Shelly,
      The belt does things to Cassie way before it's ever used.

  7. Interesting peek inside her head and into her character. Cassie's Space has a "Dear Diary" feel to it.

    1. I'm glad you feel that Cara. It how I came to know her and I hope others do too.

  8. Love the warmth in this snippet. The psychological effect is intriguing.

    1. Helen,
      Cassie doesn't always want to look deep into her needs, but sometimes she can't help it.

  9. I really do think these two are the perfect couple. Not in perfectionist sort of way, but perfect in the sense that they are so in tuned to one another. I loved his laying the belt next to her while he warmed her up. Her thinking of it as a living thing was quite a nice touch to how a woman views the implements often used on her. They might be only objects, but when they are crashing down on tender cheeks they do indeed come to life.
    Loved this PK!

    1. Thank you LA, I love that you sense their closeness. Strange how women can become attached to and personify some implements.

  10. I love reading the contrast between the mature couple and the young couple. Very nice snippet.

    1. Tracey,
      Thank you. Above all else I want Cassie and Tom to seem like real people. I love all different types of spanking stories and I really think that they fill a void in the array of stories I've read.

  11. Thank you for the snippet.

  12. "...or else whenever he touched his belt the world just seems to go into slow motion for me." - I love that!!

  13. Wonderful snippet, PK, and congrats on your new release. I love Tom and Cassie. As long as they have been married, they're still learning things about themselves and each other.