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Alyssa Bailey - Lord Kendrick's Obligation

Historical Romance
Lord Kendrick’s Obligation (Lords and Little Ladies Book 4)

Alyssa Bailey

Truth should always be allowed a voice.

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I'm happy to have Alyssa Bailey back today with her latest. If you love historical romance this is your book. 

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He wants a lady of quality on his arm, a mistress in his bed, and a princess to pamper.

When the time’s right. When he’s ready. When he finds her. But not yet. Lord Anthony Kendrick has obligations he fulfills daily but there is one he has yet to address; finding a wife and begetting heirs. All in due time. Without warning, he discovers the very woman he has been waiting for in his drawing-room, and she needs what he can offer. If he were ready and if she were to agree. 

Lady Genevieve Jacobson does not want to marry now, if ever. Her relatives disagree and pressure her to accept the offer of a man thirty years her senior. As the eldest, she is obligated to marry before her sister. Ginny refuses to comply. Suddenly her freedom and her very life is at stake. She must make some dangerous choices if she is to have any say in her future happiness. 

When Kendrick finds Ginny has taken matters in her own hands and put herself in mortal danger, he decides the time is right to claim her. Even if she doesn’t agree.

This is book four in the Lords and Little Ladies series but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, power exchange, and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase

 “What has you so disturbed, Lady Jacobson?”
Startled, Genevieve squealed in protest, her hand went to her bosom. “Oh, Lord Kendrick, you frightened me. It was not good of you, sir.” Her chastisement, firm. 
Kendrick stared at her hand on her chest before raising his eyes to hers. “My deepest apologies. I thought you heard me approach. I made sufficient noise.” His apology sounded a bit like scolding. “One must be aware of one’s environ, milady.” 
“I was deep in thought as one often is when taking a walk.” Her response had a hint of censure in answer to his scolding. 
“I believe you are trying to best me. It is not polite.” One couldn’t miss the twinkle in his eye and the twitch of his lips. 
“I am merely mimicking your mannerisms, milord. As a visitor in your home, I would take my cues from you.” 
“Touché,” he said with a nod and the hint of a smile. “I believe we are well enough known to each other that you can safely call me Kendrick when we are informal.” 
“Kendrick then. Thank you. And I am Genevieve.” 
He nodded his agreement. “Not Ginny then?” 
“No, I am trying to add maturity to my presentation. Ginny negates that outcome.” 
“I’m not sure I agree but it is your name. What were your thoughts earlier?” 
“Nothing really. I’m to decide on a mate regardless of my own personal desires and it has me quite flummoxed.” What she had disclosed made her eyes widen. He never faltered. 
“Indeed. I thought that the expectation of all young ladies.” 
“Expectation, yes. Desire, not always. I am not one who desires it. You see, I have considered those who have wandered into my sphere but have found them inadequate for my personal needs. They are too old, too young, too immature, too light in the pockets or too under their parent’s thumb. But there was one characteristic they all seemed to share; they were boring. I believe I deserve entertainment if I must endure all else.” 

Alyssa Bailey

USA Today and #1 International best-selling author of historic and contemporary romances, Alyssa Bailey, is a dyed in the wool Texan living amongst the beauty of Southeast Alaska. Along with her husband, she lives where the sky meets the rainforest; the forest meets the mountains that touch the ocean, and the wildlife frolic on land, sea, and air. Humans, the ultimate interlopers, are wedged in where allowed and are properly thankful for the privilege.

Alyssa loves writing realistic romance for the naughty in all of us. She takes from her own experiences, often scrambling events from her life with her imagination, ensuring the fictitious worlds she creates seem real and draw you in.

 She loves writing power exchanges between strong, intelligent, sassy women who are not afraid to make a stand and loving men confident enough to give his woman space, but Alpha enough to keep her safe despite her choices is a common theme and of course, there’s always a happily ever after.  

If she can throw a little humor, or suspense in her stories, it’s even better. Her characters live amongst historical lords and ladies, in the contemporary realm amongst men and women of the world, and of course, hard-working cowboys and fiercely romantic Indians. 

Alyssa online:
Twitter: @blushingalyssa
Blog/web page:  http://alyssabailey.com/

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  1. Hi PK and Alyssa,

    I love the sound of this and enjoyed the snippet. I think Ginny has a shock coming and Lord Kendrick has his work cut out!


  2. This author has so many mini-series, and I have never been disappointed with an Alyssa Bailey book.

    Hugs From Ella