Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday Spankings - Ready?

Saturdays seem to roll around extremely fast these days. I’m glad you’re here. I’m back with another snippet from Searching for Home. Jenny survived the spanking with Cal’s newly made paddle and now they are hidden away in a hotel where they can make all the noise they like. Jenny plans to make use of every second she can!

“You’re the most incredible woman in the world. Do you realize that?” he asked.
“Of course I do,” she answered happily. “Nothing but the best for my husband!”
Fifteen minutes later, Jenny sat up, straddling Cal. “Are you ready to go again?”
“Damn, Jen, I can’t recover that fast. You’re going to kill me.”
“That’s not a problem, you have life insurance, don’t you?” she asked, sweetly.
Cal raised his hand and popped her sore ass, twice. “You let me get my breath back and you’re going to pay for your sassiness, young lady.”
Jenny laughed as she tried to rub away the sting. “Big talk, sheriff!” she jeered at him.
“Okay, that’s it,” Cal told her, leaving the bed. “You’re going to pay.” He reached into a small duffel bag, bringing out two sets of Velcro cuffs.” 

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  1. Love this snippet PK, fun and naughty. Jenny is definitely goading Cal lol


    1. In the end she'll get just what she wants.

  2. Ah, the velcro cuffs. I'd say he plans to torture and torment his little captive until she screams. I mean you did say they could make all the noise they wanted. Love the snippet, PK.

    1. The idea of cuffs does bring on the idea of delicious torture.

  3. Hotel sex was fun for Cal and Jenny this time. Good they got a very private room. They were really making the best of a very trying situation back at Cal's folks' house.

    Still reading this book for the 2nd time and taking copious notes!

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Definitely needed to erase what happened at his parents home. So glad you're enjoying the book.