Saturday, June 25, 2022

Saturday Spankings - Where are they?

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Still pulling from Suspicions on the River today. As Cal and Jenny worry on their problems with Pat, Cassie is enjoying the perks of being a grandmother. She’s outside and happily playing with Christian when suddenly they are both gone. Everyone on The Landing begin searching… but they never suspected this.


Jenny said, “Now wait. Cassie wouldn’t just run off somewhere with the baby. She’s at one of our houses or maybe she’s visiting with another neighbor across the street. Or maybe they came in without you seeing them and went to watch a movie and fell asleep in the theater.”

Nearly before she finished the sentence Tom dashed up the stairs to check.

Annie grabbed her phone and called Andy. “We still can’t find them, please check every room in the house and check the boathouse too.” She hung up as Tom came down the stairs shaking his head. “I’m calling the club to see if they went there,” Annie announced.

“Willow,” Allie called in a shaky voice. “Where’s Cassie? Find Cassie!” she urged, trying one of Willow’s favorite games. But Willow just looked around as if to say, she’s not here. Everyone followed them out as Allie tried again on the deck. Willow ran to the yard, but then just sat.

Ryan, who had been working only two streets over, pulled into the driveway, Ryder with him. “Are they here? Did you find them?” he asked as he hurried toward them.

“No!” Allie wailed, bursting into tears and burying her face in Ryan’s chest.

“Ryder, you and Sophie check Sue’s house and then ours,” Jenny commanded. “I’ll check the docks and go along the river path and meet you at our house.” 

Ryan said, “I’ll check our house.” Tom, Sue and Annie crossed the quiet street to check with the other neighbors, leaving Lily to stay with Allie. Those who were home hadn’t see either of them.

Within fifteen minutes everyone was back at the house with absolutely nothing to report. Allie sobbed in Lily’s arms. As Jenny met Tom’s eyes she nodded. “I’m calling Cal,” she announced.

At that moment Ryder cried out from the yard, “They’re here, they’re here!”

Everyone rushed out, stunned at what they saw. Cassie, covered nearly head to toe in mud, was staggering up the drive. Her face looked both exhausted and panicked as she clutched the limp, mud-covered body of her grandson to her chest.



Suspicions on the river (a Cassie’s family story)

Book three in the On the River series


Cal and Jenny have a nearly idyllic marriage. There are rare trips across his lap for minor problems, but most of those trips are just for fun. Could that be changing? Pat, Cal’s former lover, has moved back to town and she wouldn’t mind giving it another try with Cal. She feels he can’t be serious about this little twit that he married so quickly. Pat feels that once Cal realizes she offers him a better option, he’ll choose her. But soon mysterious things begin happening to Pat. Is someone trying to run her out of town? Could that someone be Jenny?


Cassie and the whole river family try to keep Jenny occupied and out of trouble, but suspicions just go from bad to worse. Both Jenny and Pat want Cal and they’re willing to fight for him. How dirty will this fight get?

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  1. Wow! I wonder what happened? I suspect the child was playing and got mired and Cassie had to go in to save him. I'm sure she's relieved, but I doubt she's happy. Great snippet, PK!

    1. You never know in what situation Cassie will find herself.